Top 5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Have you ever noticed your vehicle squealing or vibrating when you stop? If so, a break service is looming. The last thing you want for your car is to experience a brake failure, especially when driving. A car's faulty brakes can result in various dangerous consequences, such as fatal accidents. Besides, a brake service can save you a lot of money eventually.

Here are some signs you should watch out for to know that your car or truck's brake service is looming.

1. Brake Light Is On

If you notice the break light on your car's dashboard, something is wrong with your braking system. However, you cannot pinpoint the problem because of several things. One may be that your car is past its due date for regular brake servicing, or there is a problem that you are yet to notice because it has not shown enough outward signs.

2. Squealing Noise

Visit your mechanic for a brake pad change anytime you apply brakes and hear a squealing noise. This noise is another indicator that your brake pads are already worn out.

3. Vibration When Braking

You may notice a vibrating sensation when you apply brakes. If this is the case, this is an indicator of warped rotors that may affect your braking system.

4. Leaking Fluid

Have your mechanic replace the master cylinder if you notice leaking brake fluid. You may not get the desired braking force if the brake fluid continues to leak.

5. Spongy Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal does not feel firm underfoot, it indicates a problem with the master cylinder or moisture within the braking system. Go for a brake service if you must press the pedal to the floor for the car to stop.

Go For a Brake Service At Loyola Marina Auto Care Today!

When you notice these signs, your vehicle might need brake service. If you need brake service, you should bring your vehicle to our auto shop to get work done on it as soon as possible to avoid more expensive repairs!


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