5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs A Oil Change

Oil changes are an important part of keeping your vehicle healthy and performing well. Because your car's engine relies on oil to lubricate and cool its moving parts, it makes it that much more important to use good and fresh oil. In this blog, we'll look at five signs that point to a long-overdue oil change.

1. Your Oil Is Dark And Dirty

One of the easiest ways to tell if your vehicle needs an oil change is by checking your engine oil with the dipstick. Fresh oil is a golden brown color (amber), but over time it can become dark and dirty as it picks up debris from the engine. If your oil's color has changed when you check it with the dipstick, consider visiting a mechanic.

2. Engine Is Running Louder Than Usual

Oil helps lubricate the moving parts of your engine, reducing friction and preventing excessive wear, and prolonging its life. However, if your engine is running louder than usual, this could mean that the opposite is happening. When engine oil ages, it loses its ability to lubricate, causing your engine to make noise.

3. Your Oil Warning Light Is On

Most vehicles are equipped with an oil warning light that will illuminate when the oil pressure or level is low. If this light comes on, it's important to check your oil level as soon as possible.

4. Overheating

In addition to lubricating the moving parts of your engine, oil also helps with cooling. While the cooling system handles the majority, the oil is also involved.

5. Recommended Mileage Reached Message

Newer vehicles are equipped with a warning message that goes off when the recommended distance for an oil change has been passed. We advise you to take advantage of this obvious sign. Don't neglect it because it can damage the car over time.

Oil Changes At Loyola Marina Auto Care! 

If your oil change message has popped up on your dashboard or you have noticed any of the signs from above, make sure to visit our shop. Our team will be happy to help with any car-related problem so you can get back on the road!

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